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3417 carolina
vancouver bc


This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.




My name is Lars, and I Love tea!

I have been serving tea since 2008, and over that time developed a Love and connection with the complexity of fine teas. This, alongside my Love for the act of service, drives me to bring my experiences to you.

I want to compel you to be as fascinated with tea as I am. To want to share it, by either purchasing it and drinking it in your own comfort, or taking part in tasting sessions with me.

My goal is to bring the Love of complex, refined Palate to everybody from every walk of life. To help hone the experience of simple things.
So if you Love tea, or Love the finer palate of food and beverages, then come and share in the experience.

I also do events. If you have a gathering and you want somebody to come in and serve fine tea to your guests, or give them a bit of education, give me a call. The cost is on a sliding scale, based on how much you are able to pay or how much you are making from the event.
I would share for free, for the privilege of bringing these tastes to the public. (At my discretion)