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This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

My Flagship website post

Lars Nielsen


My name is Lars. I Love tea. I Love service.
My goal, with this website, is to make accessible all the flavours of that one unique little plant, and all its varietals. I also love to share Zen and thoughts about how the mind works, but this blog will be dedicated to Tea and in some cases how it relates to those other passions.

With daily patterns settled like bricks in a lattice of security, we forget what it's like to have a little Zen in our lives. We are used to the simple patterns of waking up and going to work, ensuring that our weekend is more relaxing than our week, and reminding ourselves that we are looking forward to something. Something better, something not-now.

There's always the future or the past. Something we imagine, not so distant, but not close enough to be a part of this moment. It never comes, because times change, plans change. The future keeps being the future and the present stays here. We rarely reside in this moment, which we can reliably expect.

Tea gives us the cure for this.
It reaches out its tendrils of mist and first grips our nose, then grips our tongue, and through these it captures our mind. Pulling us in to this moment through flavour and culture.
In this moment, it tells us stories about emotion and courtesy. Stories about long distant wars, fought over a commodities like opium and silk.
But best of all, Tea tells us the story of our self.

When you steep your tea, you are creating your experience. The length of time you steep, the temperature of water, the amount of leaves you use, the type of pot, the type of water, etc.. All those small, mindful things lend their part to the overall expression of the tea.
In those moments tea develops its identity. It expresses how you feel right now. It takes your anger and reminds you of the real reason you are angry, making it easier to forgive past trespasses. It shows you your bliss, and gives you an understanding of the gifts that brought that bliss forth, letting you be even more grateful. And in your sadness, it consoles you, shares in your solemnity. It reminds you that all things change, that this too will pass.
Simply said, tea centers you.


It is my pleasure to act as a curator for your experience. And to share with you all of my experiences. Please feel free to share with me your descriptives, your enjoyments. And tell me what kinds of tea you Love! I will do my best to bring some new tea in to share.

Thank you, and welcome!