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This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

Found Puerh. 1995 Menghai

Lars Nielsen

I didn't realize I had a few cakes of 19 year old pu-erh in my midst! Kind of excited to try this. I must have blacked out and purchased them out of excitement. I don't usually purchase older pu-erhs. Usually more of a purchase young and let them age kind of guy.

I'm excited to share this tea through my blog. I am unsure how much I will sell it for, I'll have to track down the original price. I think I bought this for myself, but I refuse to be so selfish that I don't make it available to share.

Luckily, my mouth isn't so numb from the dentist as to find it difficult to taste this.

The Dry leaf is substantially tippy. And still maintains some white colour to it, even after 19 years. Though it has darkened enough to indicate a settling down of flavour.

In my Yixing tea pot, I've filled the leaf quite substantially. Certainly enough so that it's packed with tea after the water has expanded the tea.

The liquor is a nice mellow tan. much darker than a fresh Sheng (See my 2010 Arbor tree), but not quite as lush brown as a Shou. The liquid looks like glazed bamboo. This has obviously aged well for almost 20 years.

The flavour is rich in complexity. I didn't expect any less. It stands on the tongue like an iron clad guardsmen for the royal family. Stoic and firm, but not invisible. The presence of the flavour is quite defined. It comfortably rolls across my tongue without making any aggressive attacks on the senses. This can be referred to as "evenness", since the flavour is not rough, it is even across the tongue.
There's a flavour that is best described as a reduced light white grape wine.. Very sweet, but with a little bit of the astringency that only works to present so much complexity.

In place of heavy earthy aroma and flavour, instead we have a comfortable clay like taste. It tastes as though the grape bush has been trampled, but has not yet decayed into the grand complexity of an even older Pu-erh.

There is such a friendly, welcoming flavour to this tea.


I'm grateful to share it. Feel free to invite me over if you live in Vancouver.