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This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

World Tea Expo

Lars Nielsen

I got back from the World Tea Expo a week and a half ago. It's been a busy couple of weeks! Sampling all the teas I made, making up for lost time at my day job. And getting sick from the overload too.

But finally I had some time to settle down with friends and get back into the habit of serving tea on Tuesdays.
We tried every Pu-erh I purchased from LongRun tea company. A good Yunnan based company I met at the expo, and took advantage of an order deal they were putting forward.

First Del and I tried the Sheng Puerhs. There were three. One 2011 Chunhui, and one 2011 "pine". The Pine one is a little more smooth, and a little more expensive, but Del had more of a taste for the Chunhui, because it was more flavorful. I would suggest the Chunhui isn't just good now, but is likely to age really really well as it develops.

I liked the Pine. It was smoother and more of a honey like taste. But That's not saying much. I'm into almost every tea. And I was feeling like I gave the Chunhui a poor tasting zone, since I used one of my new, larger tea pots for it. Increasing the steep time and losing some quality as I wait for the water to exit the pot.

We also tried the longrun private No. 1 from 2007. It was pretty optimal. Very smooth, and kind of exciting. I don't have any to sell, it was good just to add this one to my collection.


Then we moved on to the Shou Puerhs. It was in this moment that I decided Shou are my favorite for pleasure drinking.
You see, I Love Sheng puerh because it stimulates a sense of analysis. I like to think about what I'm drinking. Check out the complexities. Try to find out the best way to describe something. You know. A poet's drink.
But with the Chunhui Shou pu-erh from Longrun, it instantly excited me. I realized that it was just simply a good drink to take in. Smooth, sweet, molasses kind of flavour. Really nice and dark. And just plain easy to drink! So it got a huge vote of confidence from me.


The expo was really fun. Just an awesome vacation from regular life. But honestly, life is a vacation for me, so there wasn't much to share.
I met some cool bloggers, found a few good teas and tea-ware. I developed an affinity for LongRun tea, so I think I'll continue to work with them in the near future.
LA was boring. And just like Vegas, a big city with little to offer but big city vibes. Though it wasn't very big upwards. This was surprising for a city with such a huge population, (30 million?) It was big outwards. It takes up about 3 times as much space as greater Vancouver. Which is only 2.3 million population.
My favorite part of the expo: That most of the Chinese tea booths felt like photographing me because of my size. I was, as usual, an unusual and awesome giant who needed to be shown to all their friends back home. I took photographs in return. Felt it was easier to keep track of who had a picture of me that way.