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This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

Tea as a resource for the Heart

Lars Nielsen

Across cultures, tea is used to center the heart.
Canadian culture hasn't tapped into this as much as others have. Japan, China, Britain. Just a handful of countries that utilize the heart healing effects of tea.

In Britain it's not just an afternoon habit, for drinking daily. It is the first recourse of action for life's terrible events. Break ups or getting fired from work, all the way up to experiencing death in the family. The first thing a good friend will do is hand you a warm cuppa and let you sit for a minute, comforted by the steam.
In China, the tea ceremony is loosely used daily as the habit for ingesting caffeine. But this meditative habit brings with it a centeredness. A push towards a state of mind more in line with our heart. If your morning habit consists of a proper Gongfu Cha, the rest of your day will be motivated by serenity.
In Japan, you can't avoid the heavy traffic of humans. All expecting predictable interactions. The major use of green tea in Japan lends itself to this lifestyle by supplying them with L-Theanine; An amino acid in green tea that gives a sense of well being and calm, alongside the alertness that comes with caffeine. When the Japanese get a chance to partake of a proper tea ceremony, they have even more calm. A full emptiness that accompanies the Zen of a tea house. So many expectations that when you enter a room where the primary expectation is to be calm and centered, you adjust and comply.

For me, the act of service provides a heart center. Being able to provide space for others to be happy and focused. To attend to their heart matters, and speak honestly amongst themselves, without fear of persecution. By opening a space for people to come into, and by setting a precedent of calmness, I am doing what I Love and also making the world a better place. I am fulfilled by providing fulfillment.



Drink tea,
Because it reminds you who you are.