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This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

The Tea Festival is two days away!

Lars Nielsen

I rarely post. Though it's one of the most fun expressions of the parts of my brain that really enjoy writing.

I'm doing a bunch of tastings at the Garden during the festival, and I'm doing one presentation. Myths and Legends in tea.

I didn't realize how easy it is to pack 50 minutes with story after story, and some weird minor myths too.

Check it out when you get a chance,

It's going to be a blast!!!

We have 20 exhibitors.

We're on for 2 days

There's free tea sipping all day both days.

You get to visit the garden and check out multiple presentations (like mine)

And you get one time access to some of the best tea that the west coast has to offer.



I'll see you around!

Hopefully I start doing this website more often. I really did Love writing this entire myth/legend series.

I should post it to the site afterwards. :)