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3417 carolina
vancouver bc


This site is dedicated to sharing tea from every corner of the globe. Measuring palate, complexity, flavour, and sharing these unique characteristics of each and every tea.

Tea and Beautiful Thoughts

Vancouver tea festival

Lars Nielsen

I keep promising I'll post more media for all my followers and friends.

I mean, I keep promising myself that. 

Here's the yearly self-reminder that I want to share all these tea things with *everyone* 


Tea festival is 2 days away. I took the weekend off. It's the first time I'm getting a table. As usual I've been looking forward to this for months.


if you come, let me know you like the idea of my blog. I'll give you a bit of a tea discount on what I'm selling.


I'm not usually much of a seller. I'm a sharer. It's actually a mentality I have to deal with. It's what makes it hard to keep up a blog. 

I want to look in your eyes while showing you my products. I want to illustrate my feelings while seeing what this exploration does to you in real time.


At least now I have a good new phone. I could probably write a blog from this thing on slow days at work, yeah? 


I'm looking forward to seeing you at the festival!